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... Land Surveying Solution ...

Looking for an automatic point cloud classification and feature extraction solution for airborne LiDAR/mobile LiDAR/aerial photography?

» VRMesh Survey » VRMesh for ArcGIS
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... Reverse Engineering Solution ...

Looking for a complete solution for wraping point clouds into accurate polygon meshes as well as NURBS surfaces?

» VRMesh Reverse » VRMesh for AutoCAD
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... 3D Printing Solution ...

Looking for a powerful and easy-to-use solution for mesh repair/editing and free form modeling?

» VRMesh Design
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Generate tunnel cross sections YouTube movie watch QuickTime movie


Trace Curves in Cross Section Viewport
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Detect railways in point clouds YouTube movie  QuickTime movie


Point cloud to mesh for AutoCAD 2014
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3D digital heritage modeling YouTube movie  QuickTime movie

 Latest News:
 What's new in v8.5.1?
 VRMesh v8.5 is released.
 Feb. 23-25, 2015:
 International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) 2015. Booth 21, Denver, Colorado.
 July 12-15, 2014:
 Esri 3D Mapping Forum 2014, Booth M107, San Diego.
 Apr. 14-17, 2014:
 SPAR International 2014. Booth 624, Colorado Springs.
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