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VRMesh Library

VRMesh library includes a set of point cloud classification, triangle meshing, and mesh editing technologies, which are adapted to commercial products, custom applications, and co-development projects.

The library uses the same code base as our stand-alone product. A feature in the library is therefore the same as the corresponding one in the stand-alone product. VRMesh library consists of three parts:

  • VRMesh-Survey: includes Detect Vegetation, Detect Building Roofs, Extract Ground Surface, Extract Building Footprints, Create 3D Buildings, etc.

  • VRMesh-Wrap: includes Global Registration, Point Cloud to Mesh, and Point Cloud Denoise/Decimate, etc.

  • VRMesh-Editing: includes Fill Holes, Stitch Gaps, Unify Normals, Reverse Surface, Fill Fjords, Smoothing, Decimation, Subdivision, Boolean, Fillet, Offset, Cut, Extrude, Extract, Merge, Glue Two Objects, etc.

VRMesh library is written in C++, compiled as DLL files, and compatible with Microsoft Windows. The input and output (I/O) methods are left open to your application.

We welcome enquiries from companies interested in adding or integrating our technologies with their products and solutions.

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