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VRMesh is an advanced 3D point cloud and mesh processing software tool. Our innovative technologies are aimed to provide powerful and easy solutions for engineering industries. The entire family of VRMesh consists of three packages targeted to different customers. Download product brochure

VRMesh Studio
An advanced solution covering a comprehensive workflow from automatic point cloud classification to accurate surface mesh generation. It includes all features in VRMesh.

VRMesh Survey
A next-generation solution for automatic point cloud classification and feature extraction. It automatically classifies vegetation, building roofs, and ground points in LiDAR data or from UAV images. It allows you to extract building footprints and create 3D buildings in one click. It also provides the ability to automatically detect powerlines, poles, tree crowns, curbs and railway tracks in point clouds.

VRMesh Reverse
A complete reverse engineering workflow for users to wrap point cloud data into accurate polygon meshes as well as NURBS surfaces. It delivers best-in-class point cloud clean-up tools and mesh processing functionalities. It also provides step-by-step guides to wireframe curve detection and NURBS surface creation.

Why choose VRMesh:

  • Easy to handle large datasets in excess of 1 billion points

  • Automatic point cloud classification

  • Automatic building footprint extraction and building creation

  • Automatic extraction of powerlines/poles/trees/railways/curbs

  • Advanced point cloud decimation and denoising algorithms

  • Accurate point cloud triangulation

  • Comprehensive mesh repair and editing tools

  • Quads and NURBS creation

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