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About Us

VirtualGrid was founded in 2003 and developed VRMesh, an advanced 3D point cloud and mesh processing software tool. VRMesh covers point cloud classification, feature extraction, and point cloud meshing.

The cutting-edge technology of VRMesh is especially well known in the geospatial and reverse engineering industries. It provides a streamlined workflow and a comprehensive toolset for making engineers' jobs easier and maximizing productivity at work. VRMesh customers span across various industries such as land surveying, construction, mining, architecture, manufacturing, entertainment, medical/dental, etc.

The key milestones of VRMesh are shown below:

2004: VRMesh 1 born, including sketch-based 3D modeling and digital clay tools.

2005: VRMesh 2 released, including point cloud to mesh and mesh repair/editing tools.

2006: VRMesh 3 released, including global registration and inspection tools.

2008: VRMesh 4 released, including point cloud cleanup and editing tools.

2010: VRMesh 5 released, including NURBS creation tools.

2011: VRMesh 6 released, including point cloud classification tools.

2012: VRMesh 7 released, including feature extraction tools.

2014: VRMesh 8 released, including significantly enhanced workflows.

2016: VRMesh 9 released, including a redesigned ribbon-based user interface.

2018: VRMesh 10 released, including construction module and water catchment analysis tools.

2019: VRMesh 11 released, introducing a new engine of point cloud meshing.

Current: We focus on improving key features and extending workflow capabilities.

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