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About Us

VirtualGrid is a private company based in Bellevue, Washington. With our software product VRMesh we cover everything from point cloud classification to point cloud triangulation as well as mesh repair/editing. Our customers come from many fields such as land surveying, transportation, mining, architecture, manufacturing, gaming, medical/dental, etc.

Today VRMesh is recognized for its cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive workflows in the Geospatial, Reverse engineering, and Rapid prototyping industries. Our innovative solutions have enabled an easy access to the most powerful point cloud and mesh processing tools in current market.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience with point cloud and mesh processing technologies. The development life cycle is shown below:

2003: VirtualGrid established.

2004: VRMesh 1 born, including sketch-based 3D modeling and digital clay tools.

2005: VRMesh 2 released, including point cloud to mesh and mesh repair/editing tools.

2006: VRMesh 3 released, including global registration and inspection tools.

2008: VRMesh 4 released, including point cloud processing tools: decimation/denoising, etc.

2010: VRMesh 5 released, including NURBS creation tools.

2011: VRMesh 6 released, including point cloud classification tools.

2012: VRMesh 7 released, including feature extraction from point cloud tools.

2014: VRMesh 8 released, including significantly enhanced workflow for VRMesh Survey and VRMesh Reverse.

2016: VRMesh 9 released, including a new ribbon-based user interface and point cloud classification for UAV photos.

2018: VRMesh 10 released, including an advanced construction module for VRMesh Studio.

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