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VRMesh Studio

A comprehensive solution covering automatic point cloud classification, feature extraction, and accurate point cloud meshing. It provides a streamlined workflow for the AEC industry. It includes all features in VRMesh.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic point cloud classification and feature extraction

  • Accurate point cloud to mesh creation

  • LiDAR strip adjustment and globe registration

  • Comprehensive mesh repair/editing tools

  • Water catchment and flow path analysis

  • Accurate inspections and measurements

  • Construction module

Working Examples:

>> Classify Large-sized Terrestial Laser Scanning Data watch YouTube movie


>> Water Catchment Analysis watch YouTube movie


>> Road Resurfacing watch YouTube movie


>> Calculate volume between two scans watch YouTube movie


>> Create a clean ground surface watch YouTube movie


>> Point cloud processing for UAV images watch YouTube movie

* Point cloud data courtesy of Pix4D

>> Create road surface within a fence watch YouTube movie


>> Road surface modeling from airborne LiDAR watch YouTube movie


>> Extract ground surface on a steep mountain watch YouTube movie


>> Extract ground surface from terrestrial scanning watch YouTube movie


>> Extract ground and vertical walls from mobile LiDAR watch YouTube movie


>> Remove vegetation & Generate an accurate meshed surface watch YouTube movie

VRMesh Studio
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