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VRMesh Survey

An advanced solution for automatic point cloud classification and feature extraction. It automatically classifies vegetation, building roofs, and ground points in LiDAR data or from UAV images. 99% classification jobs can be automatically done with high accuracy. It can also automatically detect building footprints, powerlines, poles, tree crowns, curbs and railways in point clouds.

Unlike traditional point cloud classification workflows that have to extract ground points first before classifying vegetation and buildings, the first fundamental step in VRMesh Survey is to detect vegetation. The major benefit of our workflow is its unique ability to automatically classify point clouds under extreme variations in terrain, no matter the data is gathered from steep slopes covered with dense vegetation or areas where there is very few ground points available.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjust LiDAR strips in a simple and fast way

  • Automatically extract ground points on steep slops

  • Automatically detect hidden man-made structures

  • Automatically extract building footprints from dense urban areas

  • Automatically extract powerlines/poles/tree crowns/railways

  • Quickly pick a line along a ridge, railway, powerline, road markings, etc.

  • Provide powerline detection and clearance analysis tools

  • Provide manual classification tools in a cross-section view

  • Generate grid surface and export to Esri ASCII Grids

Working Examples:

>> Clean Up and Organize Point Clouds

Watch YouTube Movie

>> Extract Powerlines

Watch YouTube Movie

>> Trace Road Markings Based on Intensity

Watch YouTube Movie

>> Parameter Setting for Large Dataset

Watch YouTube Movie

>> LiDAR Strip Adjustment

Watch YouTube Movie

>> Feature Extraction

Pick a line Extract breaklines
Pick ridge, powerline, road markings, etc. Extract breaklines from point clouds

>> Measurement

Measure track gauge Measure distances/areas
Measure track gauge Measure distances/areas

>> Powerline Corridor Analysis

Powerline Analysis

>> Extract building footprints and create 3D buildings

Extract Footprints

* This video also shows how to export a grid surface and 3d buildings to AutoCAD Civil 3D.
* Download the results here, including a grid surface (*.asc), footprints (*.shp), and 3D buildings (*.shp).

>> Automatically extract powerlines, tree crowns, poles, and railways

Extract Tree Crowns Extract Poles Extract Railways

>> Trace curves in cross section viewport

Trace Curves

>> Feature extraction in a local region

Feature Extraction

>> Detect curves in point clouds

Curve Detection

>> Detect hidden man-made structures

>> Extract ground points on steep slops

>> Powerline detection and clearance analysis

Powerline Detection

>> Detect planes in point clouds

Detect Planes - Example 1 Detect Planes - Example 2

>> Point cloud classification

Automatic point cloud classification
Automatic classification Manual classification in a cross-section view

>> Extract Terrain Contours

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