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VRMesh is an advanced 3D point cloud and mesh processing software tool. Our innovative technologies are aimed to provide powerful and easy solutions for engineering industries. The entire family of VRMesh consists of three packages targeted to different customers. (Download product brochure )

VRMesh Studio
A comprehensive solution covering automatic point cloud classification, feature extraction, accurate point cloud meshing, and advanced construction module. It includes all features in VRMesh.

VRMesh Survey
A next-generation solution for automatic point cloud classification and feature extraction. It enables you to easily classify vegetation, building roofs, and ground points in LiDAR data or from images. It can automatically detect building footprints, powerlines, poles, tree crowns, curbs and railway tracks in point clouds. It is also able to adjust airborne/mobile LiDAR strips with high accuracy.

VRMesh Reverse
A complete reverse engineering workflow for users to wrap point cloud data into accurate triangle meshes as well as NURBS surfaces. It delivers best-in-class point cloud processing and various mesh repair/editing tools. It also provides you automatic registration, inspection, volume calculation, and deviation measurement tools.

VRMesh Modules:

Point Cloud Classification

Automatically classify vegetation, building roofs, and ground points in LiDAR data or from UAV photos

A unique workflow working well under extreme variations in terrain, such as steep slopes, hidden structures


Feature Extraction

Automatically extract building footprints, powerlines, railways, poles, and tree crowns from point clouds

Automatically detect edges and corners allowing you to quickly pick a line along a ridge, railway, powerline, road markings, etc.

Construction Module

Automatically fit polygon surface to point clouds for detecting road edges, curbs, traffic barriers, tunnels, etc.

Quickly extract planar area from point clouds to create a low polygon building


LiDAR Strip Adjustment

Separate overlapping LiDAR strips

Automatic global registration

Point Cloud to Mesh

Provide advanced point decimation to remove redundant points and make points distributed uniformly

Convert point clouds to triangle meshes with high accuracy


Mesh Repair & Editing

Easily create watertight objects and merge multiple surfaces seamlessly

Editing tools include: Boolean, offset, fillet, extrude, cut, fit curbs, digital clay, vertex color to texture...


Provide step-by-step guides to wireframe curve detection and NURBS creation.


Inspection & Measurement

Deliver accurate inspections between digital reference models

Measure distance, slop, area, volume, deviation, water flow path

Plugin for AutoCAD/Civil 3D 2019

Send data easily between VRMesh and AutoCAD/Civil 3D

File Formats:

Import: e57, las, laz, zlas, ptx, pts, txt, asc, xyz, stl, obj, dxf, shp, ply, fls, zfs, rdbx, 3ds, wrl, vtk, csv, rcp/rcs

Export: las, laz, zlas, pts, txt, asc, igs, stl, obj, dxf, fbx, shp, grid, wrl, ply, vtk, csv, x3d, pdf, rcp

Data Handling:

No limit concerning the point cloud and mesh size

Support batch processing of multiple files

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