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The following tutorial videos show instructions for frequently used tools in each of our software modules.

Basic functions:


Load data

  • Import small data

  • Index/Attach large data

  • Load a batch of files


Interactions in VRMesh


Support 3DConnexion SpaceMouse




Classify airborne LiDAR data

  • Detect ground, building roofs, vegetation, etc.

  • Detect hidden man-made structures automatically


Classify mobile LiDAR data

  • Process all files in one folder by using the Batch command in Survey Wizard


Classify point clouds
generated from photos


Classify points on steep terrain

  • Classify point clouds on steep terrain

  • Detect road surface


Clean up point clouds

  • Classify walls and floors

  • Reassign points to a class

  • Export to Autodesk RCP file


Feature Extraction:


Extract building footprints
and create buildings


Extract poles/trees

  • Extract poles/trees from points in a given class

  • Suitable for ground scans


Extract tree crowns

  • Extract tree crowns from high vegetation points

  • Suitable for airborne data


Extract breaklines
between point cloud classes


Extract curbs

  • Extract curb breaklines

  • Remove short curves

  • check curbs in section view


Extract curves along points

  • Classify points according to a chosen property

  • Trace curves along points in a given class


Extract powerlines

  • Extract powerlines

  • Filter vegetation

  • Identify utility poles


Extract railways

  • Extract railways

  • Adjust catenary strings

  • Measure track gauge


Point cloud to mesh:


Convert point clouds to
accurate meshes


Remove surplus points

  • Classify surplus points

  • Delete classified points


Visualize large-volume scans

  • Remove redundant points

  • Create a two-sided mesh

  • Mark different parts


Mesh Repair / Editing:


Create road

  • Draw a road centerline

  • Create a road surface

  • Seam the road to terrain


Remove floating parts

  • Split marked regions

  • Remove floating parts

  • Merge regions & seam gaps


Clean a ground surface

  • Create a ground surface

  • Remove surface noise

  • Create terrain contours


Open-pit mine design




Fit curb/edge/profile to
point clouds


Detect lines in point clouds


Extract pipes from point clouds




Manual registration:

Align a CAD model to point clouds


Globe registration


LiDAR strip adjustment




Floor flatness measurement


Volume calculation of stockpiles


Deviation measurement

  • Measure deviation between two surfaces

  • export a measurement report to a PDF file


Water Catchment analysis

  • Trace a water flow path

  • Pick a catchment area

  • Measure length/slope/area


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